上??颇饘偌瘓F有限公司是經政府主管部門批準成立的——集生產、現貨倉儲、剪切加工、銷售配送為一體的大型企業!擁有完整、科學的質量管理體系。我們擁有鎳基合金、特種不銹鋼、哈氏合金、蒙乃爾合金、精密合金、優特鋼等大量庫存。我們不斷投資于我們的專業銷售團隊、倉庫設備。正因為如此,我們相信我們能夠滿足所有客戶的需求,以多品種經營特色和薄利多銷的原則,贏得了廣大客戶的信任。 我們公司有一個敬業的團隊,他們經驗豐富,專注于提供豐富的供應鏈管理。我們以同樣高標準的服務和質量對待所有客戶,共同的目標是為未來建立牢固、長期的關系。

Shanghai Kenie Metal Group Industrial Co., Ltd. was established with the approval of the competent government department-a large-scale enterprise integrating production, spot warehousing, cutting processing, sales and distribution! Have a complete and scientific quality management system. We have a large inventory of nickel-based alloys, stainless steel, alloy steel, die steel, carbon steel, etc. We continue to invest in our professional sales team and warehouse equipment. Because of this, we believe that we can meet the needs of all customers, and have won the trust of our customers with a variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover. Our company has a dedicated team with rich experience and focus on providing rich supply chain management. We treat all customers with the same high standards of service and quality, and the common goal is to build strong, long-term relationships for the future.



In the experience of turning dangers into safety,make Kenie Metal Group finally became a strong company that is not afraid of risks. In the future,we truly believe our company will get stronger with our perseverance. In addition, we will provide the best service with kindness, stable and meticu-lously attentive. We seem the whole world as a big family. And we believe that we can create a better future together.

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